Meiseki Matcha is a great source of: free amino acids, theanine, vitamin C, caffeine, and EGCG anti-oxidants.

  • Cognitive

    Studies have shown that matcha aids reaction times, focus, and memory. With a higher concentration of caffeine than other green tea, matcha also contains a compound called L-theanine, which alters and enhances the effects of caffeine to increase alertness whilst avoiding the crash in energy which can come from other caffeine sources such as coffee.

  • Metabolic

    Matcha is well known for its metabolism increasing, fat burning, and thermogenic effects. Because of the differences in the growing, harvesting and preparation of matcha, when compared to other green tea, it is a much more uniquely potent source of the anti-oxidants which provide these effects. Including the powerful anti-oxidant properties of the compound EGCG.

  • Skin

    Matcha contains methylxanthines, which boost blood circulation to promote healthy, cleansed and youthful skin. Anti-inflamatory properties also help to reduce redness and cleanse pours.

    Additionally, when used as a face mask or exfoliant, matcha provides natural protection against UV damage.